So, I’ve finally given in…yep, I’m officially a blogger!  I figured, my wife had one, my friends had them, my mentors had them, & my coworkers have em.  So, It’s just finally time.  Let me be clear up front.  If you are hitting up this blog to learn something, other than how weird my thought life can be, you are probably in the wrong place.  Here’s the deal.  This entire thing will be devoted to my current thoughts on God, and all that comes with Him; my family, and all our memories, no matter how cheesy they may seem; life, and how I’m learning to navigate through it, and anything else I feel like somebody might find interesting.  So in honor of all that, let me start with a couple important observations about where I currently stand in time…
1.  Right now, God is teaching me how living like Jesus really is DRASTICALLY different from the picture our western culture has painted, or even the picture I have painted in my own “Jesus is my homeboy” mind.  And living the way of Jesus can, and will make even the most devout American Christian uncomfortable…more on that to come!
2.  Today was a cool day of firsts…first personal blog post, first time living in a home that has a fence...and first time Caleb got to play outside in our yard.  I would say that i played with him, but it was more like watching him run, fall, get up, repeat…repeat…repeat…
3.  Finally, a request.  Please be in prayer for the staff and leaders of Next Level Church.  Now is obviously a very trying time for our economy, and NLC is no exception.  Pray that God would comfort them with the peace that passes all understanding, and at the same time, give them Solomon-style wisdom in making tough decisions in challenging times!
Well, that’s it…i’m a freakin blogger…crap!

2 thoughts on “First…

  1. welcome robbie to the wonderful world of blogging. you’re gonna love it here!! i can’t wait to read what you have to say.and i’m praying for you guys!happy valentines day!


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