Passion City Church…

What can I say other than, WOW! This past Sunday night, Jared, Sam, myself, and several members of our student worship team headed down to the ATL to catch up with an incredible new church plant called Passion City Church. It doesn’t hurt that the lead pastor is none other than Mr. Louie Giglio, the founder of the Passion movement, & sixstepsrecords, but to have Chris Tomlin, that’s right, THE Chris Tomlin as one of your worship pastors, and the other one being a little known crooner from London by the name of MATT FREAKIN REDMAN! It just might have been the best worship experience of my life…might? Who am I kidding, it was freaking INCREDIBLE! If you get the chance, you definitely gotta head down to GA to catch up with what God is doing with this little (8,000 person), two month old church plant.

They have 2 goals: Love Atlanta, Love the World! And they have 3 anchor’s that they keep as priorities to help make that happen:
Pretty cool, huh? Actually, could it get any better? These guys dream big, and act big on behalf of their creator, & savior! And it shows! They are an inspiration for church leaders everywhere…now was it perfect, of course not! They don’t have a great opportunity for connections yet, and you can’t go there to worship weekly yet, as they are only meeting monthly. But here’s whats cool, while as a church, they are not perfect, THEY DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR FREAKIN POWER TO SHINE A HUGE LIGHT ON THE ONE WHO IS PERFECT!!! So kudos to them…
A couple takeaways from the teaching…
-When value is attached to a challenge, the people of God will give boldly for the Glory of God!
-God is absolutely obsessed with HIS fame. Because, he knows His name is the only name that matters, to us and to the world!
-When we become consumed with the Fame of God, our lives gain purpose, and with purpose, and lives uncover incredible meaning!
-There is NO-ONE more famous or “deserving of fame” than the creator of FAME. Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer…God created the golf course! The Beatles are are the most famous band…God created music! He is the FAMOUS ONE!!!
Rock on Passion City Church, Rock on!

Kickin it @ the Beach!

We just spent a couple days at the beach this weekend! I gotta say, two days at the beach is great, but 3 is ALWAYS better! But I guess, if i spent 5 days at the beach, I would say 6 would be better. We stayed at a great place, plus, it was pretty cheap! (win-win). Water was absolutely freezing, but our place had an indoor waterpark, so it worked out great… Here are a couple pics… with only 2 parents, it seems like we are never in the pics together…someone’s gotta take em! enjoy!