Fourth First Post

Ok, so this blog is officially the best example in the world of my commitment level to things I don’t HAVE to do. I have this bad habit of letting unnecessary things fall off my radar shortly after if and when they are fortunate enough to actually show up on my radar. Hence this blog. This is the fourth time I have taken up blogging, and to be honest, I’m not 100% sure this time will be any different. As a matter of fact, below you will find 3 posts, each an attempt to begin blogging again. Sad, I know. It might very well be that this post is not only my 4th first post, but possibly my 4th last post. And if that’s the case, so be it. I will succumb to the loser within. We’ll see. But first, let me explain the reason behind this latest attempt.

There is 1 friend in my life which I can honestly say makes me want to be a better person (Outside of Jesus, whom has already extended me more grace, and expected more out of me than I EVER deserved…and my wife who took a chance on me, and has given me the best ride of my life, no pun intended). Moving on. My friends name is Jared Kirk. He is the least Jewish Jew I know. I’m going to avoid detailing all the reasons why Jared challenges to me to be a better man, pastor, friend, husband, and leader at the risk of sounding homosexual. And if you’ve seen the way we dress, you’d begin to wonder. Jared always seems to to do and say things which challenge me to not only respect him, but want to be like him, not in a weird stalker sense, but in a role-model sense. Anyways, not long ago, Jared started blogging again. He made the commitment of blogging every week, multiple times a week. At first I shrugged this off as another in a long line of attempts he has made to be like Troy Gramling. That was a joke. But I soon began to realize that this exercise he was doing was not only encouraging others, but stretching himself. It made him a better thinker, and communicator. His blog wasn’t just useless chatter either, for the sake of having a blog…it was helpful, and it had a real, defined purpose. That challenged me…so, I’ve decided to give it a whirl, and see what happens.
Now, a couple disclaimers before you decide to read this. If you like Jared’s blog, it doesn’t mean you will like mine. We are 2 very different people. He thinks…therefore, he writes. I write, hoping that I will stumble upon a valuable thought. He only writes twice a week, and his posts are very thought out well-articulated (and longer than the US Constitution.) I will be much shorter, but much more frequent, just letting you in on what thoughts are bouncing around in my head at the moment. I want this to be a window, a window to view the thoughts inside my head, and in turn, encourage you along the way. Some of it will be things I’m learning, and some will be things I’m still trying to figure out.
Please give me feedback, ask questions, make snide remarks. I’m open to all of it, and looking forward to this experiment. Just looking forward to getting some thoughts out there…

One thought on “Fourth First Post

  1. yipee!!! i'm adding you to my blog roll. and i too am a fare-the-well blogger. you inspired me to try a few times a week instead of kicking myself if i don't put something down every day. good luck and i'll be checking in on you!


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