The Domino Effect

This past weekend was a GREAT weekend! It was homecoming at my Alma mater, Liberty
University. I have HUGE love and respect for LU and it’s always cool to go back and see the way they are literally still changing the world.

Anyways, it was a great weekend with the family. We watched some football, went (fake) snow tubing, and ate REALLY, REALLY good! But I have to say, one of my favorite parts of the trip was catching up with and checking in on some of our students from NLC going to school at Liberty.
It’s always fun (and encouraging) to see how God is working in and through our former students after they leave high school and head off to college.
One student in particular really stands out in my mind from this past weekend. Her name is Becky Ogram. Becky was in our HS ministry and played bass guitar for us. Now, she serves on an all-girl ministry team from Liberty called Awaken which targets ministry to teen girls around the country. We got the chance to watch her play and these chicks rocked!
Anyways, it got me thinking (which is always a bit dangerous). Thousands of lives of teen girls are being transformed every week around the country…because of this ministry team. And that was made possible because of the investments people of Next Level Church made early on. Let me explain.
For the last 5 years, people have made significant financial investments at Next Level. Because of that, Becky was given a platform to be able to train for ministry. Sound equipment, staging, etc. were all purchased and because of that, Becky was given an opportunity to grow and thrive as a musician and a minister.
For the last 5 years, several student ministry volunteers invested HUGE amounts of time building relationships with and discipling students like Becky. In her case, I can think of volunteers like Heather Kirk, Kirsten and Kevin Kennedy, Cody Dermid, and others. All of these guys invested time and energy into the mission of NLC.
See, people have invested time…people have invested money…people are investing their lives into the mission of Next Level Church. And because of that, I had the privilege this past weekend of seeing the dividends of your investment. I personally saw the domino effect of your efforts. You might not even know it, but you may personally have a hand in changing thousands of lives each in every week through this same domino effect.
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, no matter how small or mundane it may seem, know this. You will NEVER know the enormity of the impact your domino effect may have on the world. It may be as simple as taking a kid out to lunch, or praying with them for their family. But the ripple effects of whatever you are doing may be felt for generations to come!
(Becky, it was great to see the way God is using you!)

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