Are You a Caleb?

One of my favorite characters in all of recorded human history is Caleb….no, not my son (even though he really is one of my favorites!) No, this one just happens to be the one found in the Bible. Other than the fact that I’m diggin’ his name, he actually became one of the greatest examples of faithfulness to a promise throughout all of scripture. Let me explain;

In the Old Testament, Caleb was actually 1 of only 2 guys that brought a positive and good report back to the leaders of Israel regarding their survey of the Promised Land! The other may or may not have had a stake in the matter, but Caleb alone was positive simply because of his faith. And he made sure everybody knew it! But, there were several other guys returning with all kinds of negative feedback and reports, claiming it would be impossible to take the Promised Land.

While these 2 guys stood alone, they also stood firm, that by the power of the God that they served, and because of His faithfulness to the promise he made to them, they COULD and WOULD take it!

Now, although Caleb was surrounded by guys who were negative regarding present circumstances, and even though, honestly, the odds did look pretty bleak, his faith in the one who had promised them that land stood strong, and his confidence resonated with the leaders of Israel.

Speaking of these two different opinions, when it comes to Christ-followers, I heard one pastor say that people can still be grouped into 2 major categories:

1.) Preachers of Pessimism


2.) Catalysts of Courage

After talking to more and more pastors, I’m finding that most churches in America deal with more of the first. Most of the time, you find that the majority of people are always willing to jump on the discontent bandwagon, and complain about whatever the next problem is that they can sink their teeth into. But, there are always a small few who are those “catalysts of courage.”

I am fortunate enough to work in one of the few exceptions. In the case of Next Level Church, it is the EXACT OPPOSITE!!! Our church is filled with Caleb’s! (Well, technically only one, and he’s not old enough to read, but you get my point!) Our church has been so BLESSED with people who have been willing to step up and make this thing happen, and not only happen, but be a huge success! No matter how big the call is, people are always stepping up and saying, “how can we help take the hill?!” These people not only “get” the vision, but are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Ask yourself this question, when the challenge is tough, and the hill is steep, for whatever reason, are you a Preacher of Pessimism, or a Catalyst of Courage? Does your presence and attitude spark courage and fortitude or pessimism, and strife…I’m proud to say that I get to serve at a church where our majority is made up Caleb’s, and I am sooooo excited to be on the ride with these guys!

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