An Unexpected Christmas

Ever wonder why God saw fit to foreshadow and tell the Christmas story the way he did?  It was, well…unexpected to say the least.
God could have used a queen, a royal handmaiden, or at the very least someone who was MARRIED to be the mother of the Messiah.  But He didn’t.  He used a young (some say almost inappropriately young) girl from a small town, who had not even yet married her blue collar fiancee.
God could have given Him a birthplace of eternal significance like Jerusalem, or of worldly significance like Rome.  But He didn’t.  If Israel were New York City, Jesus wasn’t born in Manhattan, he was born in the Bronx.  Of all places…Bethlehem.
God could have given Jesus a royal welcome by allowing Him to be born in the house of a King, or a major political leader.  But He didn’t.  Rather, the very creator of the universe was born in nothing more than what we would call a parking deck, a basement cave under a motel where the motel guests would park their donkeys and camels they rode in on.  And the best they could muster for a crib was a pigs feeding trough and some feed hay.
God could have given the first birth announcement to a group of world leaders like King Herod, or perhaps even the emperor of Rome himself.  But he didn’t.  Instead, God announced the birth of His son to a bunch of smelly shepherds out in the middle of a field.  These guys weren’t even necessarily the owners of the sheep,   this was the third shift help!  And now look, they have action figures sold in boxed sets of nativity scenes around the world!
Go back and read the genealogy of Jesus, the opening lines of the Christmas story.  Even it has some of the most unexpected Old Testament Characters in it! (Rahab the hooker anyone?)
But interestingly enough, God still tells stories the same way.  It seems as though He continually uses the most unlikely characters, and situations to play significant roles in His story.  
You may very well be an unlikely character for God to use.  You may have an unlikely background, or unlikely job.  But if (HIS)tory is any indication, it seems as though God may have a significant role for you to play in His kingdom.  Who knows, you may even have your own action figure one day!  
Remember, God uses the most unexpected characters to play some of the most significant roles in HIS STORY!

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