Big News!!!

I wanted to take a moment and share with you the next venture in the life of the McLaughlin family. After leaving Next Level Church (which is a fantastic church I HIGHLY recommend for anyone living in the South Charlotte/Matthews area) in March of this year, I joined the staff of High Rock Church, a multi-site church that has grown to 5 campuses and over 2500 ppl in weekly attendance in just 8 years! They have done this with a very unique strategy that carries them to regions without a strong  relevant evangelical church presence. This gives them the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus in a way many living in these areas have never seen. It’s been an incredible team to land with, and God is changing lives through the faithfulness of this team in ways I can’t even begin to explain.

To make a long story short, High Rock has a vision of planting 100 campuses over the next 20 years to reach a plethora of people who are far from God. They’ve never desired to be the biggest church on one corner, but rather, a church which spreads its reach further by expanding regionally and geographically to meet people where they are at.  God has granted them such favor in their efforts thus far, and every one of their current campuses are thriving, growing, expanding, building, and seeing lives changed each and every week. Just in the last 20 months, we’ve seen over 700 people make decisions to follow Christ with their lives, and I’ve witnessed nearly 200 people be baptized just in the few short months I’ve been there.
Having said that, High Rock has a desire to plant 3 of those campuses simultaneously in the Spring of next year. One of those that will be launching next Easter will be a permanent facility campus right on HWY 49 in Harrisburg NC, just 15 minutes from where my wife and I grew up in Indian Trail. Although parts of Cabarrus County are very saturated with a church presence, the particular area we will be targeting is VERY unchurched, and the ratio of people to evangelical churches in this area is frightening.
High Rock leadership has asked me to consider leading this campus as it’s Campus Pastor. And this morning, we gladly announced at all of our campuses that we have accepted this call on our lives.  At High Rock, each campus pastor does the live communication each and every week. While all of the campus pastors prepare sermons together each week, we have a dedicated communicator and pastor for each campus.  What this means is that I will be the primary communicator at this particular campus.  For those of you that have worked closely with multi-site models, you know this is fairly unique, particularly in our part of the country.  For those of you that know me, you know this is a passion of mine, and I cant wait to get rollin!

They’ve also asked Sam Donahue, whom I’ve previously worked with at Next Level, and is currently the Kannapolis Campus Worship Pastor to come and be our Campus Worship Pastor. I’m super excited about this because Sam is one of the greatest pastors and leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with.  And the team of musicians and vocalists he is assembling is nothing short of spectacular!  We also have several other key volunteer and staff leaders currently plugged in to High Rock who have committed to this campus when we launch!  I’ll give you more details on them in the weeks to come.  And finally, a piece of news I’m extremely excited about, Doug Irvin, who formally led TC3 in Matthews, was on staff at Next Level in Mathews, and is a part of the executive team at High Rock, will also be joining the Harrisburg staff on a campus level, helping people get connected at this particular campus.  Doug and his wife Donna are two of the most Godly people we’ve ever known, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about serving with them!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this opportunity for me and my family, how stoked I get thinking about working with this particular team, and how incredible this church community will be for the people of Harrisburg. God is going to do UNBELIEVABLE things in Harrisburg this Spring…AND I CANT WAIT!

*If you live in the area and would consider being a part of the core team which will launch this campus this spring, or simply have more questions, shoot me an email at
**For more information on High Rock Church, visit
***Or to hear What High Rock is ALL about in an hour or less…watch this!

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