Leave the Charger!

Recently, I was scrolling through some of my very first journal entries at Next Level, from about four and a half years ago.  I ran across a section that carried with it a concept that I have tried over and over again to make a sacred practice in my life.  But in reality, it’s one of the toughest to actually carry out.  As I re-read it, I was reminded of the extreme importance of prioritizing your life, and doing it well.  Since it was an encouragement to me to re-read it, I thought I would share it with you too.  Enjoy…

One of the habits I’ve gotten into over the past few months has inadvertantly become one of my best practices…

I’ve always hated carrying the power cables that go with my laptop around with me, just way too bulky!  And since I don’t have a MAC, my laptops battery lasts me about as long as it takes to boot the thing up.  So, I got into what I thought was the bad habit of leaving work, grabbing my laptop, and leaving the power charger at the office. Of course, you guessed it…I get home, find a minute to get working, and about an hour into it, my laptop dies, and work is no longer an option.

Here lately though, I have begun to leave my power charger at the office intentionally. Why? Well, the temptation for me so often is to work round the clock, whenever I feel like a moment is free.  The inherent problem: the job never ends!  You know what I mean.  We can always find something to do.  And I inevitably end up missing out on important times of rest, and important time with my own family. But this way, with the charger still at the office, whether I finish or not, I’m forced to drop the work, and pick it back up later!  It’s almost like leaving the charger is a guardrail for my life, that forces me away from making decisions that will leave me in a relational ditch.

So, for those of you who feel like you always need to work, let me challenge you with something…LEAVE THE CHARGER!!!  Making sure you remember that time spent taking care of yourself, and your family is crucial to the life of any Christ follower! 

My prayer is this…that we keep “leaving the proverbial charger,” or whatever it may be, so we can be the effective people God has called us to be…in our work, in our church, and in our homes! Never forget, God set the example for us in the beginning, when after six days of work, he rested.  He didn’t need to rest, HE’S GOD!  I don’t think he was particularly tired.  But he did it to show us the importance of stopping work, and making what’s important a priority.  Let’s never forget this example!

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