Have you ever had that lightbulb moment in the middle of an argument, or a disagreement, where you realize that you in fact are wrong?  You know, when you’ve been working hard to prove your point, only to realize halfway through that you are the one that’s mistaken or incorrect.
What do we do in that moment?  Be honest…  admit defeat?
OF COURSE YOU DON’T ADMIT IT!  Submit?  Surrender?  Give in?  In the words of Madea, “Hell to da naw!”  In the words of the hit 1999 Tim Allen blockbuster GalaxyQuest, “never give up, never surrender!”  
No, instead, what do we normally do?  We storm off, we slam the door, we change the subject, ANYTHING but admit it.  Why?  Because intuitively, people HATE submission.  We would rather run away from something or someone that has a one up on us than actually submit to it.  We are by our very nature, runners!
Think about it, when you were a kid, or a teenager, and your parents dropped that bomb on you; “not as long as you live under my roof,” What was your first thought?  Submission to the protective authority of those God placed over you?  OF COURSE NOT.  You thought, “Well, screw this, I’m running away!”  Some dingdongs actually tried it until they realized life costs money!  Why?  Again, because we would rather run than give in!  
But here’s the problem: the same is true of so many of you trying to figure out what to do with God in your life.  You’ve heard the Gospel.  You know it’s true.  And you know it’s the only right move for your life.  But you continue to turn your back, and run away…  
Here’s the sad reality: So many people would rather turn their backs on the things of God, than fully surrender to the authority of God in their own lives.

And here’s why:  Because its always easier to run, than to surrender!  But that doesn’t mean it’s better.
The problem is, when you do this, you’re actually running from the only one which will never run away from you. See, when you submit to the authority of God in your life, you also place yourself under the protection of a loving father who will never leave you, no matter who you are or what you’ve done.  I love my kids, and while it’s true that they are under my authority, that also means they are under my protection.  And they know I would go to the end of the earth to take care of them.  The same is true of our heavenly father.
Think about this…when Jesus went to the cross, He endured the abandonment of God the Father, so you would NEVER have to.  When you choose to submit TO Him, rather than run FROM Him, you embrace a love that will never turn it’s back…
So when you’re weighing your options, don’t run…surrender.

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