Don’t Post That!

Let’s face it, no matter who you are, or what your religious, political, or social background is, NOBODY likes frustration-fueled rants or a constant barrage of opinions that come from anger at the establishment flooding their news feed or update streams. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely causes to take up and create awareness for. But the tone and timing of these posts can make all the difference in the world in how they (and you) are perceived…
With that said, here are a few rules I’ve found from several sources across the interwebs that when followed, will ensure you are actually making facebook friends, rather than facebook enemies.

“Never post when angry, tired, hungry…

Now as I write this I’m actually two out of the five but hey, don’t do as I do right? I kid. Though honestly I am hungry.
Seriously though if you are any of these, you’re not on your game and you’re certainly not in a position to make a clear decision. So refrain from tweeting or posting until you’ve cleared your head or grabbed a Big Mac.”

Share YOUR thoughts, don’t attack others…

One rule I was always taught was to avoid politics and religion in your conversations. While I think this is actually really bad advice, and debilitating to a healthy discussion in the marketplace on important issues, I do think it’s possible for these to become absolutely divisive and destructive topics, if not discussed in the right way. The key to tackling these issues, which many of US are extremely passionate about, without alienating those we disagree with, is to freely share YOUR thoughts on the subjects. But to do so, don’t attack those with whom your opinion differs. I read more posts today about what people hate than what they love, believe, or are passionate about. (Side note: if you find yourself only being passionate about hating someone else’s viewpoint, you have a bigger problem than social media etiquette.)
Most would say that sounds like “riding the fence” or “avoiding” or even “flip-flopping,” OK, but remember, its social media, not public debate forum or a church pulpit. If you take the fun out of something, no one will want to talk to you or participate, which will ruin your chances of getting your point across about what you are so “passionate about.” Look, Social Media is supposed to be fun. While it can be a platform for healthy discussion, it doesn’t have to be laced with confusion and emotionally charged venting.

Don’t disgust me…

If you have a new bump, lump, cut, or broken bone…don’t take a picture of it, and post it. If it made you nauseous, it will make us too! And if you are one of those people who are EXCELLENT at descriptive storytelling, this applies to your word pictures too. The next time you fall off a ramp, and your bone sticks out of your leg, leave the honor of seeing that to those that were there… If you are one of those guys that just HAS to show it off, just take a picture, and show it upon request.

“Share lots, like lightly, and spell check…

Share posts from others, it gives credit and a “well said sir,” to that person. Like what you want, but don’t go crazy. For example if I post “feeling sick today I think I’m getting the flu.” Probably not a good post to like. Just saying.

B4 u post plz use ur big boy or girl voice.

Nothing more annoying than reading something that is screaming I’m lazy and not using my education. Most people have been to college, have a smart phone and know how to use the auto correct or have a full keyboard to type.  If I have a difficult time reading what you post, I’m probably not going to read it or anything you post.”
Finally, remember, if you wouldn’t do it in public, don’t do it online, and stop with the privacy concerns. It’s the Internet. It’s all PUBLIC!

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