The Silver Lining of Change

Ever feel uncertain of the future because of CHANGES in your life today?  Sure you do.  When things change, we step into the unknown, and there’s always an inherent fear that comes with stepping into the unknown.  It’s just the nature of change.

But there is also a HUGE silver lining regarding change for those who are followers of Jesus; it creates a FORCED DEPENDENCY on God.  Let me explain…

Often, when you have a comfortable routine in your life that you are used to, you can stroll through each day forgetting all about the God who has blessed you with the very life that you have.  It gets easy to become self reliant, because YOU are the expert on the system.

But when you get the rug pulled out from underneath you, and systems and routines in your life change, you are no longer the expert.  In those moments, we find ourselves crying out to God asking for direction, and guidance, and comfort, and peace…right?

We find ourselves doing the very things we should have been doing ALL along, but had no real need to.

Change forces us into a posture of reliance and dependence on the only one who actually has control of our situation.  It causes us to lean in relationally to the one who had been leaning into us all along.

So while change may be difficult, and full of the unknown, it also creates an atmosphere for us to walk under the direction of God’s Spirit.

Don’t let change pass you by, without it drawing you closer to the one you should have been that close too all along.

Don’t miss the opportunity that He is giving you to live the way you were always meant to live, in a real awareness of His presence.

And may it be a constant reminder when new routines form again.

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