Generosity is SO Unnatural…

Western culture SCREAMS at us that we are supposed to organize our lives around our resources.  So when we find ourselves in a season of plenty, we still feel ok, no matter what else may seem to be falling apart.  Yet, when we find ourselves in a season of financial want, our minds fill with worry and tension, even if everything else seems to be going right.

This is why we naturally tend to order our lives around POSSESSION.  We try to gain and keep as much as we can as quick as we can for ourselves…because our resources act as our security blanket.  The more we acquire, the more comfortable we become.

It’s also why GENEROSITY is so unnatural, and why it has to be intentionally worked at.  We naturally feel like we are LOSING security when we are sacrificially generous.

But even though it’s not natural, according to Jesus, living generously is actually a much “HAPPIER” way to live.  And personally, I’m always prone to listen to the advice of the guy who died and got back up.

So check out this weeks teaching from Hope City Church as we walk through how to intentionally BE generous…

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