By Invitation Only

peopleThe early church used an insanely simple method for reaching and attracting new followers…they simply invited them.  See, throughout the gospels, and even the early part of the book of Acts, we don’t see followers of Jesus bending over backwards trying to convince people to follow Jesus.  In fact, rarely do we see them even trying to explain who He was.  They very simply INVITED them to come, and experience Him for themselves.

This simplistic method was taken right out of the playbook of Jesus himself.  Whenever, Jesus was recruiting followers, he simply INVITED them to follow Him, with little to no explanation on the front end at all.

But throughout the course of time, the church has done what the church does best…and that’s way overcomplicate this very simple model of evangelism.  In fact, we’ve made it almost a requirement to have all the right answers and to know all the right methods in order to share our faith.  But the reality is, all we need to be an effective evangelist, is the willingness to extend a very simple invitation, an invitation for people to come and experience it for themselves…

Consistently extending this invitation is ultimately how we change the world…or at least it’s How HE did.