Perspective Shift

As a pastor, year after year, I’ve watched followers of Jesus walk out the doors of the church on Sundays, and desperately try to consistently treat others the way God has treated them.

But inevitably, after a period of time…they always fail.  People ALWAYS seem to revert back to treating people the way they deserve to be treated, rather than how God has treated them…with grace, mercy, and love.  (Grace never comes natural.)

WHY?  Why can’t we seem to get this right?  Why is this so difficult for us?  Why do we allow our human instinct to get in the way of our supernatural calling?

Some would make the argument that it’s just human nature, and we’ll never get this right.  Well, that’s right AND wrong.  It IS just human nature, BUT we can get this right.  But it won’t come from trying harder.

Trying harder to be the hands and feet of Jesus always ends up in failure.  So what’s the answer.

I’m convinced we’ll NEVER consistently treat people the way God treats people, until we begin to see people the way God sees people.

Our paradigm is far more important than our performance.  Because our performance doesn’t affect our paradigm…BUT our paradigm (the lens in which we see things through) will ALWAYS affect our performance.

The way you see someone will ALWAYS determine how you treat them.  No matter how jacked up they are, or what mistakes they’ve made, if you see them like Jesus does, as lost sons and daughters, your PERSPECTIVE will change.

When someone makes a bad decision, and they break the law, our tendency is to say “throw the book at them, that’ll teach them.”  But when it’s our son or daughter that makes that same mistake, we SEE them differently, so we plead for leniency and mercy.

Maybe we need to stop asking God to make us His hands and His feet…instead, maybe we should start asking God to give us His eyes…because when we have his eyes, we’ll be MOVED with compassion, and naturally become His hands and feet.

When he SAW the crowds, he was moved with compassion towards them, because they were scattered, like sheep without a shepherd.  -Matthew 9:36 

So how do you do that?  How do you see the world through God’s eyes?  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series of articles to talk about how to begin seeing people through the eyes of their Father.  If you’re interested, make sure to subscribe to get the latest.

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