Better Questions: When Faith Evolves…In The Spotlight (With Guest Jonathan Martin)

I had the privilege of sitting down recently with author & communicator, & friend Jonathan Martin, to talk about an issue that’s been on the front burner of my mind as of late.

We talked about what an evolving, growing, or even deconstructing faith looks like for someone who has to walk that process out while standing in the center of, and more importantly, the PRESSURE of the spotlight. In other words, how do you wrestle with your own faith and understandings of God, while simultaneously leading others in theirs?

It ended up being an incredibly eye-opening conversation about the trap of idolatry, the pitfalls of influence, and the real cost of growing in your faith.

Even if you aren’t someone who is currently in the spotlight of organizational leadership, I think this conversation would be super encouraging to anyone wrestling through their own worldview and weighing the costs of being honest and vulnerable about it. Enjoy!