Robbie is the founding and Lead Teaching Pastor at Hope City Church in the Charlotte NC area. By God’s grace and provision, Hope City has experienced rapid growth since it began and has seen countless people find their hope in an intimate relationship with God.

Robbie has been a teacher and communicator for 11 years and has taught in a variety of settings, from small leadership circles to much larger venues.

His heartbeat, and the heartbeat of Hope City is to see people move from an understanding OF God, to a defining and real relationship WITH God. He wants people to move from a place of masking their brokenness, to having HOPE in the midst of their brokenness…because they know they aren’t facing it alone. He has spent much of his off time coaching and pouring into other leaders to help them catch this same passion and heart.

His current writing and teaching project is one that he believes is not only game-changing for Christian culture in America, but also has the ability to change the way people around the world live, no matter their faith background. This project isn’t about changing your behavior, or even your beliefs. It’s about changing your PERSPECTIVE. When your perspective changes, EVERYTHING changes. When we begin to SEE people through a different lense, we’ll begin to treat people in a different way. Be on the lookout for this project in 2016.

Robbie is married to his beautiful wife Samantha, and together, they have three great kids, Caleb, Carson, & Cali.

To keep up with Hope City Church, as well as watch or listen to Robbie’s latest teachings, be sure to visit www.hopecityonline.net.

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  1. The passage that you wrote about the mother that lost her child is so powerful!! Thank you so much for writing and sharing it!! I wish everyone would read it and take it to heart!!


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